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July 26, 2006



Dear Guilty MamaS,

Am I a terrible mom because one of the main reasons I wanted a baby boy this time around was because I was already set with boy clothes? Not that it mattered...

I just cannot foresee even the relatives rallying for the new one like they did for the first one. One of the (many) grandpas has already said it'll be a few years before they make it out to the west coast again after visiting Baby No. 1 last year.

AND... no one has stepped forward to throw me another shower! I know, a second shower would be bad form, but someone could at least offer!

Yes, I have a feeling Baby No. 2 will have a different lot in life. Maybe not better or worse... just different.

BTW, regarding Montessori, do it! I don't know if the level of care is different from facility to facility, but I'm soooooo impressed with Jake's new school and the faculty. I think he's going to get alot out of this, socially and educationally.


I'm glad you brought this up. I've always wondered about the stuggle for balance when having two kids. It's one of the reasons I'm hesitant to have another baby. I can't imagine having to divide up my time and know that Delaney (and the other baby) isn't getting the same amount of mama bonding she's used to. But, I know people do it every day and it works out just fine. It's a little scary to me, though.


It was a bit of a shock to me that people respond differently when the second child is born. I was sure everyone would just be "BABY! Whoo hoo!" but it's almost like the celebration is for you becoming a parent more than for the kid. I had a shower thrown for me for Big Girl, but not for Baby Girl. Way more gifts first time around, but maybe they all assumed I didn't need any more clothes since they're both girls?? (But I like gifts and parties! Dammit!)

Even though it's stressful getting used to living with two kidlets, and with them being close in age, it's definitely been positive overall. Big Girl would have been a complete attention hog if she'd had more time as an only child. Baby Girl adores big sis, and Big Girl is (usually) wonderful with her. Someone told me today that even though Baby Girl isn't getting the extended story times and constant one-on-one time that Big Girl got, she does have the privilege (her words) of having a big sis to grow up with.

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