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July 25, 2010



I've been pretty isolated from blogland myself. I'm trying to decide whether I should even keep my blog -- doesn't really make sense to pay for it when I'm not writing. :-)

But I am here reading. Not always commenting, because my writers' block seems to have extended to even writing comments.


I rallied for a month or so after a half-year of bloglessness, but have fallen into blog torpor yet again. I have seen those coffee items that you speak of, and last week was nearly ready to lay down my money for a five-pack and the accompanying iced coffee drink container. I decided to hold out and see if there are going to be any new flavors, decaf, unsweetened, etc... But I may eventually say what-the-hell and get it anyway, to power me through the latter half of summer and the next five seasons of The Wire on DVD.

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Even though they are older and more independent now, it just seems to go more smoothly when they are busy somewhere else. give props to my girl Regina King who voices the characters of both Riley & Huey. I've always tried to watch The Boondocks and picture Regina doing this but could never get my head around it. Now, finally, we get to see her in action. with red floral maktak (does anyone else call it that?

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